Japanese Mayor Says Men Are Better Suited For Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic Because Women Take Too Long, Causing Overcrowding

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Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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A Japanese mayor suggested men are better suited to grocery shop during the coronavirus pandemic because women take their time while men find what they need and leave, thus avoiding overcrowding, CNN reported.

“Women take a longer time grocery shopping because they browse through different products and weigh out which option is best,” Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui told reporters at a coronavirus press conference in Osaka on Thursday according to CNN.

“Men quickly grab what they’re told to buy so they won’t linger at the supermarket — that avoids close contact with others,” added Matsui.

Japan has experienced a spike in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, with 11,950 cases and 299 deaths as of Thursday, according to CNN. (RELATED: Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Says The WHO Should Change Name To The China Health Organization)

Japanese journalist Shoko Egawa responded to the mayor’s comments about women by tweeting that “people who know nothing about daily life shouldn’t make comments,” according to CNN.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a nationwide state of emergency last week, and also announced plans to give stimulus funds of about $930 to each of Japan’s 120 million citizens to mitigate the economic hardship caused by the pandemic, NPR reported.