CNN Political Analyst Went After Justin Fairfax In 2019. Now She’s Giving Biden A Pass, And Fairfax Noticed

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Democratic Virginia Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax hit CNN political analyst Joan Walsh for calling for his resignation last year, yet strongly defending presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden despite his own recent sexual assault allegations.

“Amazing how that happens, @joanwalsh,” Fairfax tweeted. “You *immediately* assumed the guilt of the second Black statewide elected official in Virginia’s 400-Year history & called on me to resign within hours of a *press release* with no investigation, facts, evidence or #dueprocess.”

Fairfax included a screengrab of a February 2019 tweet from Walsh that called for the Virginia Lt. governor to resign after two women, including Stanford professor Vanessa Tyson, came forward to accuse him of sexual assault in 2000 and 2004, allegations he vehemently denied.

The Virginia Democrat’s tweet seemed to springboard from a Saturday tweet from Walsh referring to someone turning her into a “caricature for ideological reasons,” a sentiment he appeared to relate to.

After Tara Reade came forward to accuse Biden of assaulting her while she worked for him as a Senate staffer in 1993, Walsh questioned her credibility in an April 15 column for The Nation called “The Troublesome Tara Reade Story.”

From the column:

It’s true, for a time, that one of the slogans that emerged from the nascent #MeToo movement was “Believe women.” But it was never that simple; nobody ever said, or meant, “Believe every woman, no matter how incredible or undocumented her claim.” The point was to give women’s accounts of sexual assault a fair and respectful hearing: first, hopefully, by police; or, if she made her claim to the media, by reporters.

Reporters have done just that with Tara Reade. Her allegation against Biden doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny.

The CNN political analyst on Saturday even downplayed the recently uncovered fact that Reade’s mother called “Larry King Live” in August 1993 to ask for advice for her daughter, saying she was having problems with a “prominent senator.” (RELATED: CNN Failed To Uncover Footage From Its Own Archives That Could Back Up Biden Accuser’s Allegations)

Fairfax included screengrabs of both in his tweet.