Defiant New York City Shop Owner Who Decided To Open Up Tells Tucker What Happened When Police Came

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A New York City tailor appeared on Monday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to explain why he decided to open his shop to customers in defiance of his city’s order to stay closed.

Eliot Rabin, the 78-year-old owner of men’s apparel store Peter Eliot Blue, made news Sunday with his decision, telling the New York Post, “I’m opening my doors come hell or high water.”

After a first weekday of business that included a visit by police, Rabin remained defiant during his conversation with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who introduced him as “a very brave man.”


“I decided that I did not want anyone to dictate to me and destroy the soul of my business,” Rabin said, expressing incredulity that liquor stores would be considered essential while his business is not.

When police came to ask if he was open, the shop owner told them he hadn’t been there for three weeks, but his “door is open” and he owes “a lot of money to a lot of people.”

“We’ve applied to every government agency you could possibly think of,” he said, and have “heard nothing back.”

“This country’s backbone is businesses like mine all over our country,” Rabin said. “I don’t find myself being brave. I find myself being reasonable. I find myself having common sense. So my door is open. The rules are posted on my door. We’re observing every single rule and regulation that’s come down.”

Carlson asked Rabin whether police tried to arrest him:

“No, sir, they did not,” he responded. “In fact, they looked at me and said ‘you’re a veteran.’ I said ‘yes, I am.’ And they said ‘thank you for your service.'”

“People want to walk in, they’re allowed to walk in,” said the shop owner. “I am not forcing them in … We have maintained our distance and we have obeyed every single rule, but I feel that this country is being dictated to unnecessarily. I think personally, I’m putting no one in danger.” (RELATED: ‘Mindless And Destructive Measures’: Tucker Questions Why Leaders ‘Chose The Chinese Model’ For Virus Response)

“You are my kind of American, and I hope that you’re rewarded for this, and I hope if you have any problems you will come back on this show,” Carlson said. “And in the meantime, I hope New Yorkers will support you in what you’re doing.”

“How nice is it to share a country with people like that?” the Fox News host remarked after Eliot had gone.