EXCLUSIVE: Senator On Foreign Relations Committee Demands WHO Director-General Appear Before Congress And Sets Eyes On China

(Daily Caller)

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Indiana Republican Sen. Todd Young joined Daily Caller senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc for an exclusive interview on China, the World Health Organization and the next wave of coronavirus stimulus legislation.

Young, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs subcommittee that oversees multilateral organizations, pressed the importance of investigating the WHO aiding China in obscuring the early days of the pandemic. Young said Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus must testify before Congress if the WHO is to receive any more future funding from the United States, and further explained legislative matters that could be taken to hold China accountable for financial damages related to fighting the virus.

Finally, Young told Datoc that the next round of pandemic spending should not include any state bailouts, be free of any pet projects for either party, and must be focused on appropriately spending the money already allocated in the previous three stimulus packages before plunging the country even further into debt.


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