While The Media Freaked Out Over Pence Not Wearing A Mask, Minnesota’s Dem. Governor Was Praising The VP

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Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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Media pundits called out Vice President Mike Pence for not wearing a mask at The Mayo Clinic Tuesday.

Pence visited The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota Tuesday for a tour and didn’t wear a mask. The clinic has required all patients and visitors to wear a mask before going into the building because of the novel coronavirus, according to NBC News.

The vice president defended his decision not to wear a mask Tuesday by noting that it is meant to help carriers from spreading the virus, and he gets regularly tested and is negative. (RELATED: White House To Begin Administering COVID-19 Tests To Anyone Close To Trump, Pence)

Critics immediately went after Pence for not wearing a mask – but meanwhile, hardly any of them reported on Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz praising Pence and the Trump administration during that trip.

“I can convey to you that the vice president [Pence] spends plenty of hours on the telephone with governors each seven days, he’s there to pick up the telephone when we connect with,” Walz said according to ABC 14 News. “I want to thank you and the president.”

Walz continued on to praise the Mayo Clinic as well.

Most in the media ignored this, instead pointing out that Pence did not wear a mask to the clinic. The Mayo Clinic deleted a tweet that claimed Pence’s office was aware of the mask policy before arriving.

NBC News, CNN and CBS News were just a few of the outlets that appeared to report on Pence’s lack of mask while ignoring Walz’s praise.