‘What An Utter Joke’: Meghan McCain Rips Bill De Blasio For ‘Breaking HIS OWN RULES’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain sharply criticized New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after he was seen out and about over the weekend despite promoting stay-at-home orders.

McCain shared a video showing de Blasio and his wife out for a walk, both wearing face masks, while people followed him to ask why he was out.

“DeBlasio is a national disgrace. New Yorkers have every right to be furious at his blatant disregard for breaking HIS OWN RULES. How can our mayor ‘lead as I say, not as I do.’ What an utter joke,” McCain tweeted.

McCain continued in that vein Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” where she explained why de Blasio’s actions had “infuriated” her. (RELATED: ‘Lead By Example!’: Meghan McCain Rips Into De Blasio For Gym Outing Amid Coronavirus Fears)


“There was a video that came out yesterday of mayor de Blasio and his wife in Prospect Park in Brooklyn with his security detail, not social distancing,” McCain began. “He lives in Gracie Mansion which has its own private park, and New Yorkers were yelling at them and catcalling them.”

McCain went on to mention a story she had read about a mayor in Nevada who had reportedly opened a nail salon so that she could get a manicure, adding, “If our leaders in office are incapable of following their own guidelines, how do they expect the American public to do it as well?”

“I was infuriated by this yesterday. You don’t think I want to go to a park and be close to the people I love? I can’t right now because it’s against the rules,” McCain concluded. “Again, I don’t know why I’m abiding by the rules when mayor de Blasio and his wife have the hubris to think that they don’t have to abide by the rules as well.”

McCain had previously criticized the mayor when, just prior to the implementation of the city’s “shelter-in-place” order, de Blasio had taken a trip to the gym.