‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Takes Time Out During Show To Ask Ex-Girlfriend To Give Him ‘Another Shot!’

(Photo: Twitter Screenshot/ DirrtyDave1)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A contestant on the “Price Is Right” decided to take time during the show to try and win back his ex-girlfriend by asking her to give them “another shot.”

It all went down during the broadcasting of the show Monday when the contestant, named Paris, had advanced to spin the wheel to get a shot at the final round on the popular game show when host Drew Carey asked him if he wanted to say hi to anyone. The clip was noted by Fox News.

At first he said hello to a bunch of his friends and then decided to see if he could get his ex back with a shoutout on national TV. (RELATED: Bob Barker: ‘Stay Away’ From Movies With Animals [VIDEO])


“And hi to my ex-girlfriend, I still love you and … uh, let’s give it another shot! Woo!” Paris exclaimed.(RELATED: Drew Carey To Host Fundraiser For Gary Johnson)

Carey apparently was impressed with the contestant’s attempt and said, “She’s got to love you now, you just spun a 90 on the wheel.”

“You’re a dope to dump this guy, he just spun a 90 on the Wheel,” he added.

Users on Twitter also weighed in and suggested they think she should give him another shot.

“Thanks,” Paris tweeted in response. “She’s doesn’t want to see me but I think it’s just cuzza the rona. Will keep you posted.”

“Yeah and I’m pretty sure she still loves me,” he added in another tweet. “She’s still reliant on Me. She just called twice last week for toilet paper so who wears the pants now. But I mostly wear pjs in quarantine actually.”

We will keep you posted!