Respiratory Expert Says People Are Leaving A Critical Tool Unused In Coronavirus Fight

Dr. Bruce Davidson stis down with the Daily Caller.

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Respiratory Expert Dr. Bruce Davidson says the same principles that allow people to expect a downturn in the coronavirus pandemic during the summer can be used to eliminate the virus indoors as well.

Davidson, a pulmonary physician and former president of the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association, sat down with White House correspondent Anders Hagstrom to discuss in detail his op-ed on the potential use of UV-C ceiling lamps to kill coronavirus germs in hospitals and even homes. Ultraviolet rays, which are present in sunlight, are believed by many to kill COVID-19, and Davidson says lamps emitting similar light could be installed inexpensively and at low risk to others. (RELATED: Can Sunlight Really Kill Coronavirus? Separating The Truth From The Fake News)

Should the U.S. adopt his strategy?

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