‘A Travesty’: Meghan McCain Snaps At Trump For Wanting To Resume Rallies


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“The View” co-host Meghan McCain criticized President Donald Trump Thursday after the president said he was eager to resume his campaign rallies that were forced to pause over the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said Wednesday that he was hoping to resume “massive” rallies by November, saying he hoped 25,000 people could attend by that point. McCain did not take kindly to the president’s remarks, and said it was a reason she was considering voting for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the fall. (RELATED: Joe Biden Has A Long History Of Opposing Due Process In Sexual Assault Cases)

“It’s a sort of bizarre narrative where I can’t even go out and go to a restaurant or go to my doctor. I have to go to my doctor alone. They’re closing beaches in California. Like, we’re nowhere near to opening up as a country, but at the same time our president is really worried about rallies,” she said.

The president is planning to travel to Arizona next week to tour an aerospace facility. Arizona is a crucial swing state in the upcoming election, and McCain said Trump could very well lose her home state.


“Arizona — I never thought I would see this in my entire lifetime, but Arizona has a really real possibility of turning into a blue state,” McCain said. “He’s losing in Arizona, and so I think it is obviously more important for him to get out and possibly expose people at rallies in my home state, than keep Arizonans safe.”

McCain called the president’s desire to resume rallies a “travesty,” adding that she “may very well” cast her ballot for Biden in November.

“I think it’s a travesty, and I think it’s another example of why on election night, I may very well be with you ladies and saying, I really never thought I would see the day, but it’s looking more and more like it could very well happen,” McCain said. “And he’s nervous.”