Shailene Woodley Teaches Jimmy Fallon To Do A Handstand On The ‘Tonight Show’

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33WKSqCZXUg&feature=emb_logo)

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Actress Shailene Woodley taught comedian Jimmy Fallon how to do a handstand in a hilarious virtual tutorial.

Woodley appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” where he attempted to help her check something off of her quarantine to-do list.

“I am determined to get my handstand down,” Woodley told Fallon of her to-do list. “I know—it’s such a thing right now, Jimmy. Everyone on Instagram, like, all these fitspo people can do handstands and they look cool and I’m just—I’m  jealous. I’m really jealous that so many people can do a handstand and I can’t. So, I’ve been trying to get my handstand down.”

Fallon and Woodley both came to the conclusion that they were beginners when it comes to handstands. (RELATED: Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Performs Brand New Song ‘Plasticine Figures’ On ‘The Tonight Show’)

“Okay, you have to tuck your shirt in,” Woodley while explaining how to do a handstand to Fallon. “And here’s the rules: All you have to do to do a handstand is just throw yourself against the wall. I put my hands on the floor and I just kick my legs up against the wall.”

“And that’s it? Just have the confidence?” Fallon responded.

Woodley then turned doing a handstand into a moment to be motivational.

“Just the confidence. And if you fall, you try again,” Woodley said. “I think this is what all of the yoga girls on Instagram would say to you too when trying to teach you a handstand.”

If all it took to do a handstand was confidence then I would have been able to do a handstand a long time ago. I think it might take a little more than that. However, I love the confidence both Woodley and Fallon have in this clip.

What’s on your quarantine to-do list?