Sunny Hostin Throws Water — And A Chinese Talking Point — On Positive Remdesivir Reports

"The View." Screenshot/ABC

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin used a Chinese study to throw a damper on reports that the drug Remdesivir had showed positive results in COVID-19 treatment.

Hostin addressed the issue Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” responding to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claims that the drug, initially developed to treat Ebola, could potentially shorten recovery time by nearly 30% in some patients. (RELATED: ‘Really Despicable’: Sunny Hostin Unloads On Mike Pence For Skipping Face Mask At Mayo Clinic)


“Dr. Fauci praised the drug Remdesivir, that it shortened the symptom period in patients, but a Chinese study, a study from China showed it did not help people recover faster,” Hostin explained. “Should we be hopeful about this drug?”

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Simone Wildes was quick to voice her enthusiasm for the positive news, however, saying, “I have to tell you I’m excited, you know, we have been working on the front lines with a lot of different experimental drugs. Not really knowing what we are — what we’re treating and so having some real hope, having Remdesivir as showing some positive results, granted they are preliminary, but it shows it shortens the duration of symptoms, which a day makes a difference, and also it decreases the mortality rate.”

Calling the positive news a much-needed “ray of hope” for those on the front lines, Wildes was careful to explain that more studies were certainly needed. But she also appeared to be wary of the Chinese study, adding, “This study in China we’ll have to look at that more, but I think there will definitely be more analysis of the data from the study from the NIH, and that will give us more information.”