Matthew McConaughey Talks ‘All In Challenge,’ Says He’s Laser-Focused During Texas Football Games

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Matthew McConaughey recently had some epic comments about joining the “All in Challenge.”

The Hollywood star is raffling off a Texas football experience to help raise money during the war against coronavirus, but he was pretty blunt about what would happen once kickoff arrived during an interview with Rich Eisen. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


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As we all know, McConaughey is a huge Texas football fan. While he’s going to have some guests for a great cause during a game, he told Eisen he doesn’t want to be busy snapping photos or talking about movies during the game.

“Once the kickoff starts, I’m breaking a sweat. I’m into it. I’m not a great conversationalist about anything other than the game when the game is happening,” McConaughey said with a chuckle.

You can watch him break down the scenario and the upcoming season below.

This right here is why McConaughey is the man. He’s as authentic as they come and that’s something the world desperately needs right now.

Yes, he’s going to raise a bunch of money for people in need, but he isn’t going to stop watching the game to entertain somebody’s random conversation.

I don’t blame him one bit. This is major college football we’re talking about! Once the opening kick happens, you have to be locked in.


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People laugh at me because I’m always locked in when the Badgers are on. I’m not sure why that’s funny. If you’re dedicated to win, then you have to be focused.

I guess that’s something McConaughey and I understand that the average person just doesn’t.

Props to McConaughey for keeping it real. It’s great to remember how legit of a dude he is.