Biden Calendar Casts Doubt On Second Accuser’s Harassment Claim, But Her Aunt Says She Was There

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  • A new woman has accused 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexual harassment, but documents show that Biden would not have been at the May 2008 event in question.
  • 26-year-old Eva Murry alleges that Biden stared at her breasts when she was a teenager at a Delaware political event in 2008, saying, “Fourteen? You’re very well endowed for 14!”
  • Former Biden rival Christine O’Donnell told the Daily Caller News Foundation that she heard Biden make the remark and said that her niece could have mixed up the dates.

A new woman has accused 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexual harassment, but newly surfaced documents show that Biden would not have been at the May 2008 event where the alleged harassment took place.

Twenty-six-year-old Eva Murry told Law&Crime that Biden complimented how large her breasts were when she was 14-years-old in 2008 at the First State Gridiron Dinner & Show — an event where journalists, politicians, and businessmen gather each year in Delaware.

Murry believes the incident occurred in May, and said that she sometimes received school credit if she attended political events.

Documents obtained by Fox News from the former vice president of the First State Gridiron Dinner, J. Brian Murphy, show that Biden was not present at the May 3, 2008 event. The Biden campaign also told Fox News that Murry’s allegations are “absolutely false.”

“The year 2008 is particularly noteworthy because it is the only year where the Senator agreed to appear in a video, which was a spoof of Meet the Press,” Murphy told Fox. “It was taped earlier that week. It was our hope the Senator would attend the dinner to see the video, but he sent regrets.”

“Had he been there, myself as well as others would have known and in fact, I would have acknowledged him from the stage. Senator Biden was not at the Gridiron Dinner in May of 2008,” Murphy added.

Reporting from local outlets also shows that Biden underwent sinus surgery during that week, the publication reports.

Murry’s aunt, former Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell who was running against Biden during this period of time, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that she heard Biden discuss Murry’s breasts and hit back at reports that Biden was not present at the event.

“I was right there when he said it,” O’Donnell told the DCNF. “It made me sick.”

“Does it matter if she got her years mixed up,” O’Donnell asked, referring to Murry. “I am not saying she did get them mixed up, but worse case scenario, would it matter? Does it suddenly make it okay to creep on a teenager if it was 2009 rather than 2008?”

In tweets that have been since deleted, ABC reporter Sasha Pezenik also cast doubt on Murry’s story by referring to “contemporaneous local news” reports that Biden may have been recovering from a sinus surgery during the time period when Murry says he made the comments.

“I remember walking into the lobby and being in awe of all the people in such fancy clothes,” Murry told Law&Crime in an interview. She did not yet respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Our two parties of people gravitated towards each other and everyone started saying their hellos. When it was Biden and my aunt’s turn to say hello he quickly turned to me and asked how old I was.”

“I replied with my age and he replied with the comment ‘Fourteen? You’re very well endowed for 14!’ I was confused but it was definitely weird, he looked me up and down and hovered his eyes on my chest so I had some clue [about] the notion of his comment but didn’t fully understand at the time,” Murry said. “We quickly separated from his area after the encounter.”

“I feel his comments were verbal sexual harassment,” she told Law&Crime.

“I think I was too naive to realize exactly what it meant at the time but I vividly remember the uncomfortable feeling I had in the pit of my stomach during the whole encounter. It wasn’t Biden’s words alone that made me so uncomfortable, it was the look, the tone, the whole general vibe was off.”

Biden has not responded to requests for comment on the allegations from the DCNF.

U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno (C), turns to answer a question from a reporter as she and Sen. Joseph Biden (L), D-Del, leave the White House after meeting with U.S. President Bill Clinton, 12 March 1993. (J.DAVID AKE/AFP via Getty Images)

Attorney General Janet Reno turns to answer a question from a reporter as she and Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del, leave the White House in March 1993. (J.DAVID AKE/AFP via Getty Images)

Murry’s friend and sister told Law&Crime that she shared details of her story shortly after it allegedly occurred, and four of Murry’s other friends also reportedly told the publication that she told them about the incident several years later.

O’Donnell told the DCNF that she heard the comments and could not believe the words came out of Biden’s mouth.

“While we were there, she turned to me and asked me what ‘well endowed’ meant,” O’Donnell said. “I didn’t want to explain it because I thought it was disgusting that he said it. Once we started to walk away, I just muttered, ‘big boobs.’ I felt so bad for her. Even before she knew what it meant, she looked really uncomfortable.”

The former Biden rival says that other people heard Biden’s comments to Murry as well and that this kind of behavior was not new from the former Delaware senator, but that the Delaware media “covered his tracks for him.”

“That’s what was even more appalling,” she added. “In DE, in those days, before VP, he walked on water. He could make sexual jokes, racist comments, say and do whatever he wanted, and it was just laughed off as ‘Oh that’s just Joe.'”

Murry is engaged and has a son and a daughter, Law&Crime reports. She told the publication that she was not politically motivated, but decided to speak out after she began seeing Biden all over Facebook when former 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race.

She began commenting on posts and telling her story.

“It got overwhelming repeating myself on everyone’s post,” she told Law&Crime. “So I made a master thread with the intentions of informing my friends and family who I care very much about, just what kind of man Biden is.”

“No man or woman should get away with acting that way and that is what this boils down to,” she added.

O’Donnell emphasized to the DCNF that Murry and her friends who have corroborated her story are all Democrats “with nothing to gain.”

“As Eva explained on FB, she was putting her daughter down for a nap when she heard Biden accolades in the media the day Bernie dropped out of the race,” her aunt said. “As she put her daughter down for a nap, something protective overcame her and she posted her experience on FB.”

“People can still support him,” O’Donnell added, “but don’t pretend he’s not a creepy old man with creepy behavior. Hey, we’ve had to put up with that from lots of politicians. At least call it like it is, and go from there. But enough pretending he walks on water!!”

Biden is also facing allegations of sexual assault from Tara Reade, who has accused the then-senator of kissing her, touching her and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent. (RELATED: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Biden Accuser Tara Reade And Her Sexual Assault Allegation, All In One Place)

Reade came forward with her allegations in late March and on April 9 filed a police report with the D.C. Metropolitan police – a police report which is now inactive, the MPD told the Daily Caller News Foundation Wednesday.

The Biden campaign, which has not responded to repeated requests for comment from the DCNF, has denied the assault and said it “absolutely did not happen.” Biden repeated this assertion Friday morning.

Five people have corroborated different details of Reade’s account against Biden, a DCNF review of public statements found: her mother, her brother, her close friend, her former neighbor, and her former coworker.

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