With Masks Now Mandatory In Several States, Now’s The Time To Add MAGA Face Scarves To Your Collection

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UPDATE: Many states have extended Stay At Home directives, and are now considering or have already implemented mandatory face covering for anybody out in public or traveling to the store, recommending cloth masks, face scarves, bandanas and more as threat of Covid-19 continues to evolve.

With Massachusetts the latest state to require face-masks for anyone traveling outside the house (https://www.mass.gov/news/wear-a-mask-in-public), you should consider adding a special face scarf to your collection!

The following segment is taken from the article “MAGA While Doing Your Part To Flatten The Curve” 4/22/2020 and has been updated to reflect new information.

Unfortunately, while staying at home indefinitely sheltered from the outside world seems ideal from a safety perspective, in reality it’s often necessary for families to make emergency runs for groceries, medicine, and other essentials. Given everything we know about Covid-19 and how easily it can be spread, why not be sure to take extra precautions whenever you have to leave the house just to be safe?

While the CDC continues to update its guidelines and recommendations for proper precautions to take while traveling (please visit cdc.org for the latest updates), it appears wearing face covering has evolved from just a medical precaution to a fashion trend (https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristenphilipkoski/2020/04/12/30-fashion-brands-pivoting-to-make-stylish-coronavirus-masks/) as well.

Many social media influencers have taken to showing off their custom face masks, face scarves and other Covid related fashion statements and while this may seem alittle vain, there’s probably no harm in looking cool while social distancing.

For that reason instead of the $20-$50 custom masks popping up on Etsy or the cheap disposable looking medical face covering I’ve seen advertised across the internet that looks thinner than toilet paper, may we suggest considering the following cloth face scarfs for your #CoranaFashion:

For just $4.99 per scarf, with free shipping to anywhere in the United States included, this $14.99 #MAGA Scarf 3-Pack is worth checking out for you and your family 

That’s right, just as the mainstream media continues to try to look for any angle possible to attack Trump during a crisis, if you are a supporter of the present, you can now rock a MAGA face scarf on your Wal-mart runs.

Each scarf is thick comfortable cotton, and will probably serve well as a bandana or fashion accessory once this crisis is over. They are also being shipped FREE of charge by our sponsor partner Cavalry Apparel and most orders will arrive within a week.

The scarves can only be bought in packs of three, so if you place an order be sure you have a friend or family member or two in mind to gift your extra face scarves to…or save one to keep around in case of an emergency.

Either way, given that N95 masks continue to remain in short supply( https://dailycaller.com/2020/03/24/coronavirus-shortages-medical-supplies/) and stimulus checks seem to be on the way now, there’s probably never been a better time to buy in on one of the more unique takes when it comes to face covering that I’ve seen so far.

Our sponsor has asked us to include the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The products mentioned above are not FDA approved and are not the equivalent to surgical masks. No mask or scarf will completely protect you from airborne illnesses. No claims of medical knowledge or expertise is stated or implied by our product description or advertorial copy created by Cavalry or its affiliates. All information provided to our affiliates is based off the following CDC recommendations as of 4/14/2020 and is included in good faith in order to avoid misleading the public: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover.html . It is possible that these recommendations may change in the near-future. For the latest information regarding airborne disease prevention please consult cdc.gov or your local physician.* 

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