Broadway Star Nick Cordero’s Wife Reveals He Has Opened His Eyes During Coronavirus Health Update

(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

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Broadway star Nick Cordero has opened his eyes, but hasn’t woken up from his coma during his battle with coronavirus.

Cordero’s wife gave another health update, according to a report published Tuesday by Page Six. The update was seemingly positive.

“A quick Nick update before we go live, he is doing good,” Kloots said. “He’s in recovery today and things are going well, numbers on machines are going down, which is great. And we just still need him to wake up.”

“So his eyes are opening up, unfortunately, they’re not connected to anything but small little steps,” Kloots added.

Cordero has been battling multiple health issues since being first diagnosed with coronavirus. He was given a tracheostomy procedure last week so doctors could remove the broadway star from a ventilator. (RELATED: Broadway Star Nick Cordero Develops Lung Infection Amid Coronavirus Battle, Wife Says)

“His [ventilator] settings are down, which is good,” Kloots said Sunday, Page Six reported. “That’s a really great sign that his breathing is going well.”

As previously reported, Cordero developed a lung infection and has had to have his right leg amputated since he was first hospitalized for COVID-19. Kloots claimed the star has tested negative twice, meaning the virus could be out of his system.

“It came down to a point where honestly where it was life or leg, and we had to choose life,” Kloots said at the time after deciding to have the Broadway star’s leg amputated. “I choose life.”