Trump Snaps On George Conway: ‘Kellyanne Must Have Done A Big Number On Him’

Fox News screenshot/Chip Somodevilla/Getty Image

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Donald Trump went off on anti-Trump Republican George Conway, telling a reporter Tuesday that Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s adviser and George’s wife, must have “done a big number” on him.


“I saw Project — the thing called the Lincoln Project, and I would have them change their name to the Losers Project because if you take a look, it’s Schmidt, it’s George Conway — Kellyanne must have done a big number on him — it’s George Conway and it’s some other people.”

Trump then went down a long list of his achievements while in office, saying, “With all of that, I guess they don’t like me.”

“But let me just tell you, these are losers from day one. Guys like Bill Kristol, he’s 0-32. George Conway, you take a look at him, just take a look at that guy. The man’s a stone-cold loser,” he continued.

“So they should not call it the Lincoln Project. It’s not fair to Abraham Lincoln, a great president. They should call it the Losers Project.”

This comes after the Lincoln Project, which Conway advises, slammed Trump’s response to coronavirus in an ad called “Mourning in America.” (RELATED: Elise Stefanik Fires Back At ‘Misogynist’ George Conway After He Calls Her ‘Trash’)