‘The Year The Bill Of Rights Became Selfish Behavior’: Larry The Cable Guy Weighs In On Jailed Salon Owner

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Larry the Cable Guy weighed in on “draconian” measures being implemented in response to the continued threat of coronavirus.

The comedian, born Daniel Lawrence Whitney, took to Twitter to voice his frustration after Texas salon owner Shelly Luther was sentenced to jail time for defying lockdown orders and reopening her salon. She was sentenced to an additional seven days when she refused to concede that her behavior was “selfish.”(RELATED: ‘Misguided Abuse Of Power’: Texas AG Ken Paxton Demands Release Of Jailed Salon Owner)

“People are now going to jail for trying trying to save their business while criminals are being let out to keep them covid free. America 2020! The year the Bill of rights became selfish behavior. Thanks to all the brave politicians with American flag lapel pins that are silent,” he tweeted.

“The fact that what is happening in our country with all these draconian over reaching mandates trampling on freedoms that people have fought and died for shouldn’t be about left or right,” Whitney continued in a second tweet. “I love every one in this country and It should anger all Americans that loves freedom.”

Whitney went on to call it “beyond crazy” that people were being attacked on social media simply for defending the Bill of Rights. “The fact that we now literally have to wonder what our elected officials (that work for us) will ‘allow’ us to do is literally Orwellian,” he added.

Conceding that he “shouldn’t write this stuff,” he concluded by saying that it angered him to watch as “ordinary folks trying to save their businesses and way of life” got punished for doing so. “It should anger ALL Americans,” he said.

Whitney returned a few minutes later to add one last thought, saying “If you live in America and just surrender your rights no questions asked than you didn’t deserve them in the first place.”