This Attachable Boom Mic Is Perfect For Vlogs, Zoom Calls, And More

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Talking to someone in person is quite rare during these days of isolation. In fact, talking to coworkers, friends, and family members via online video chat has become the new normal. And while it doesn’t require you to wear real pants, it can make talking difficult since you aren’t always heard as clearly as you’d like.

Even with the advanced technology we have today, computer mics still fail to provide the crisp, clear audio they ought to. That’s why so many people are turning to gadgets like the ModMic attachable boom microphone to get their voices heard. The noise-canceling mic, which is connected to a small boom, can be tacked onto your favorite headphones, helping your audio calls and recordings sound clearer than ever.

The attachable ModMic is a high-end sound accessory that displays superior performance thanks to its award-winning noise-canceling mic capsule. With just the flick of your thumb, you can switch from mute mode to unmuted mode, leaving your hands free to type or write during calls. It also boasts a highly-advanced, easy-to-use clasping system that lets you attach it onto your favorite headset, perfect for long-time wear. And, of course, the boom mic is attached to a USB cable you can slip right into your computer or laptop.

People all over are turning to ModMic to deliver high-quality audio, whether they’re making calls from home or recording a podcast. With its rating of 4/5 stars by PCMagazine and its plethora of positive reviews online, the ModMic is without a doubt the accessory you need to elevate your audio capabilities. These are just some of the awesome things people are saying about the game-changing accessory.

“This is a mod anyone who’s serious about high-quality voice comms should consider.” – Tom’s Hardware reviewer

“The best sounding ModMic yet!” – VB reviewer

“I’ve used several generations of ModMics and the current line-up is hands-down the best yet!” – reviewer

Ready to take your audio to the next level? Snag your own ModMic Business Attachable Noise-Cancelling Boom Microphone at 29% off for just $34.99.

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