Whoopi Goldberg Suggests Trump Is Afraid Of Fauci Testimony — Meghan McCain Isn’t Biting


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg suggested Wednesday that fear was motivating President Donald Trump’s decision to bar Dr. Anthony Fauci from testifying in the House of Representatives.

Goldberg put the question to cohost Meghan McCain, asking why she thought Trump was opposed to allowing Fauci to testify. (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Runs Cover For Pelosi Ad: ‘The Ice Cream She’s Talking About Actually Comes From A Small Business’)


Referencing Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s infamous “Spartacus” moment, McCain said that the potential for grandstanding and political theater might be reason enough to oppose Fauci’s testimony.

But she also noted that, in her mind, Fauci was not the one from whom Congress should be seeking answers.

“I’m the most interested in where China lied to us and got it wrong,” McCain explained, repeating the tag line, “China lied, people died.”

“We know that they suppressed information, we know that doctors who were trying to sound the alarm suddenly somehow went missing,” McCain added. “And I don’t like — and I think we could all agree on this — I don’t like Anthony Fauci being used for any kind of political purposes one way or the other, because he is a scientist and he is a doctor and he is someone who is really leading this country through a difficult time.”

Goldberg turned to cohost Joy Behar and tried again, asking her what she thought Trump was so afraid of with regard to Fauci testifying.

Behar obliged, calling the president a “malignant narcissist” and a “coward,” and saying that Trump clearly didn’t want Fauci to testify because he must be afraid of Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters.