‘Well Excuse Me, Miss McEnany’: Joy Behar Attacks Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Over Coronavirus Testing

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar snapped at new White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany over her recent comments about testing all Americans for coronavirus.

McEnany said that testing everyone was “nonsensical,” arguing that because anyone could be exposed at any time, tests would almost have to be updated hourly in order to be accurate. Behar disagreed, taking aim at the press secretary during a segment of Thursday’s “The View” on ABC. (RELATED: New Press Secretary Unloads On Media During White House Briefing)


“Okay, first of all, let’s just start with the original thing, which was that she never really answered the question which was, did you — would you like to take it back that no coronavirus was going to be coming to the United States under Trump? She never answered the question. She just walked off sort of embarrassed I think. Let’s start there,” Behar began, referencing a question from Wednesday’s White House press briefing.

What Behar did not mention was that before McEnany walked out, effectively ending the briefing, she had turned the question back on multiple media outlets that had published headlines or claims that were equally inaccurate when viewed in retrospect.

“Also, the thing about testing. I’m having so much trouble understanding where they’re coming from,” Behar continued. “Is she willing to send her kids to camp, for example, without everyone being tested at the camp, including the counselors, the children? Is she willing to send her children to school before they test everybody? She keeps saying you have to be tested every hour. Well, excuse me, Miss McEnany, you are wearing professionally applied makeup. Darling, were you willing to have someone apply it without being tested? That’s another question I have for Miss McEnany.”

Behar concluded by saying that testing efforts had to ramped up s long as there was no vaccine available. “It’s a disgrace. Everyone needs to be tested before we have a vaccination. That’s the key,” she said.