Trey Gowdy Says James Comey’s Next Book Should Be About How His ‘Arrogance And Hubris Wrecked The FBI’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy took aim at former FBI Director James Comey, saying that his next book ought to be about how his “arrogance and hubris wrecked the FBI.”

Gowdy made an appearance Thursday on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum to discuss the Justice Department’s decision to drop the charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Comey’s role in his prosecution. (RELATED: ‘Shred The Constitution! Shred It’: Sean Hannity Says FISA Abuse Needs To Land People In Jail)


MacCallum read Comey’s tweet responding to the DOJ decision to drop the case, saying, “So here’s what Jim Comey, speaking of the former FBI director tweeted today, he said the DOJ has lost its way. Career people, please stay because America needs you, and the country is hungry for honest competent leadership.”

“I hope he stays the hell in whatever woods he’s in on the Twitter profile,” Gowdy replied. “The DOJ, I mean, look at his FBI, McCabe, Strzok, Comey, Baker, Page … we need a justice system that everyone has confidence in whether it’s a three star general or a black jogger in Georgia. We need a justice system we have confidence in.”

Gowdy then turned his attention to Comey, saying that he had an idea for the former FBI director’s next book title.

“‘How My Arrogance Ruined the Reputation of the World’s Premier Law Enforcement Agency.’ That’s your next title. It’s a long title, but the book is long but that’s the next book he ought to write,” Gowdy said. “Not one about honor and integrity, but how his own arrogance and hubris wrecked the FBI.”