Joy Behar Says She’s Staying Home ‘At Least Until November When Trump Is Out Of Office’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar announced Friday that she would be staying home at least until the November election because she was not confident that President Donald Trump could provide enough tests to ensure safety.

Behar joined her cohosts in discussing plans to reopen America and concerns about whether or not the people would even feel safe enough to go back to life as it was before coronavirus. (RELATED: ‘Well, Excuse Me, Miss McEnany’: Joy Behar Attacks Press Secretary Over Coronavirus Testing)


Whoopi Goldberg began by noting that a number of states were at least entering the earliest stages of reopening, adding, “A lot of people don’t seem to be ready to step outside yet according to a survey. 40% say they plan to avoid public spaces as much as possible until long after everything is over, but I don’t think you can actually do it like that,” Goldberg said. “Joy, how long are you prepared to stay put?”

“I’m prepared,” Behar replied, “I think I’m going to have to stay put at least until November when Trump is out of office because he is not — he’s not putting the tests out there.”

“Until everybody gets tested or certainly people that I’m going to be visiting or places that I’m going to go to, I am not leaving this house,” Behar repeated. She did not say whether or not she would modify her decision if President Trump wins his reelection bid in November.