Chinese Tech Company Will Host Panel On COVID-19 ‘Misinformation’ Featuring CNN’s Van Jones

CNN, "The Van Jones Show."

Greg Price Contributor
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Chinese telecom giant Huawei announced Monday it will be hosting a panel on coronavirus “misinformation” featuring CNN host Van Jones.

According to the registration page, the May 13 webinar, hosted along with the National Association of Black Journalists, “will explore how journalists and leaders across industries can come together to fight against a unified enemy: COVID-19″ and how “disinformation about the coronavirus disproportionately affects communities of color and low-income neighborhoods.”

Black-Eyed Peas singer, consultant Dr. Ebony Hilton and journalist Roland Martin will join Jones on the panel. (RELATED: CNN Basically Published A Press Release From The Chinese Military)

Huawei has come under increased scrutiny by the Trump administration for the company’s extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The administration has sought to block its 5G tech from being used in domestic networks due to concerns over spying and the theft of intellectual property from American competitors.

The DOJ in January opened a 13-count indictment against Huawei, saying that it has engaged in a “decades-long” operation to “misappropriate intellectual property” from U.S. technology firms. It has also been accused of developing the monitoring system for Chinese Uyghur internment camps and selling U.S. tech to Iran in violation of sanctions.

The Chinese government has repeatedly spread misinformation about the coronavirus and tried to cover up its culpability for the spread of the deadly disease. Chinese government officials have even promoted a conspiracy theory alleging that the coronavirus was actually brought to the city of Wuhan by members fo the U.S. military.

CNN has also come under fire for allegations of publishing Chinese propaganda. Last month, it published a story on the People’s Liberation Army while citing Chinese state controlled media as its source.