Scooter Braun Implies Taylor Swift Feud Is Why He Won’t Run For Public Office

(Photo by Rachel Luna/Getty Images)

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Entertainment mogul Scooter Braun probably won’t run for public office after his experience with the Taylor Swift feud.

Braun said he has thought about running for public office before due to his frustration of the “lack of leadership” in an interview published Saturday by British GQ.

“Recently I was attacked very publicly by someone I don’t know, someone who refused to have a conversation with me — and I wish that person nothing but the best and hope that one day a dialogue is had, because I think it all could have been avoided with proper dialogue,” Braun told the outlet.

“What it did teach me was that if my children were teenagers, if they were a little bit older, this could have been very hard for them,” he added. “And I don’t know if I’m comfortable being in public office knowing the amount of ridicule and exposure you get and I don’t know if I want to put my children through that. So right now I’m trying to do the best I can from the private sector.”

That’s probably a good plan for Braun. If you can’t handle the heat, don’t stick your hand in the fire. (RELATED: Scooter Braun Says He’s Received ‘Numerous Death Threats’ During Feud With Taylor Swift)

If you forgot, Braun and Swift really got into it over the rights to Swift’s music. Swift made public statements about it, but reportedly never actually spoke with Braun about it. The whole thing ended up being a giant mess, but Braun claimed his family received death threats over the whole situation.

It really is probably a good idea for him to stay out of public office.