HART: What New York Can Learn From Florida About Handling Coronavirus

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Ron Hart Contributor
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The devastating effects of shutting down the economy equally nationwide, no matter if you are in a county with no COVID cases or one with many, are now becoming known. A record 23 million Americans are on unemployment, and each person who was employed believed his or her job was “essential.”

The mainstream media, which works for the Democrat Party, wanted us shut down more, and for longer. Keep in mind that Democrats, those in the media, education, government, public sector unions, etc., are mostly getting full pay to sit at home, which is the goal of Democrats.

Killing a booming economy is the only way Trump doesn’t get reelected.

Maybe Democrats are predisposed to be fearful, or they need to act like they care about others, or they like government telling them what to do.  Liberals gladly sacrificed their liberties and your tax dollars for any perceived “greater good.” In their minds, this makes them better than everyone else.

Take Florida, whose governor was mocked by the press for not locking down his state hard enough, versus the brilliant, shining, liberal beacon on the hill, New York. Florida has more people, 21,500,000, versus New York’s fleeing 19,500,000. And Florida’s population is older and thus more vulnerable.

So here is the scorecard now: New York has had 27,000 deaths, Florida 1,600. Governor DeSantis did not impose draconian measures and was scorned by the media. He focused on hot spots and retirement homes and did not have an arrogant, know-it-all, “one size fits everyone” attitude. So why is Gov. “Caveman” Cuomo the expert who gets to lecture the nation and is the toast of the left? Cuomo sent COVID-19 positive patients back into nursing homes, fumbled the ventilator issue and tied up way too many hospitals. Terrible decisions.

New York’s rhetoric has been clear: You are safer under lockdown with us (although it did not turn out so well for Jeffrey Epstein).

New York loves controlling its people. Cuomo has done what no wives have ever been able to do: keeping their husbands out of bars, staying home and not watching sports.

Comparing New York’s numbers to Florida’s, it is clear that a sensible, smart and smaller government touch had the best outcome – as it always has.

Each state showed its priorities. California stayed locked down except for beaches and cosmetic surgery. Georgia opened nail salons and bowling alleys. You may die in Georgia, but your nails will look fantastic in the casket. Gov. Kemp of Georgia was also mocked for opening up too soon, and today the state reported the “lowest number of COVID-19 patients in a month, 1,203.”

The media criticized everything Trump did, but most of the steps he has taken have been spot-on. They eviscerated him for visiting an Arizona face mask plant and not wearing one himself. What do they expect? Would the Kardashians visit their lingerie plant and wear panties?

Like a few other countries, Sweden did almost nothing but advise its citizens to wash their hands and practice social distancing. Sweden’s death rates have been much lower than ours. My gut tells me that the cost of tanking our economy, leaving 23 million unemployed, plus the untold stress, domestic violence, suicides, etc. of all of this might have saved a few thousand lives in America.

Prescriptions of antidepressants are up 33% in the last month. I am not big on relying on prescription drugs; I don’t totally trust the health care industrial complex. My advice if you’re stressed, anxious and unhappy? Ask your doctor if a bottle of bourbon might be right for you.

One thing that has been reinforced to me in the last few weeks: We have long put too much trust in the FBI and in government “health experts.” On a related note, Mike Flynn, framed by Obama’s FBI, is a free man. He enjoyed his newfound freedom by walking from his bedroom to his kitchen.

Israeli researchers announced that they feel the cure for the coronavirus rests in studying fecal matter. To do his part and speed up their studies, Trump sent them the last 100 shows of Don Lemon on CNN. And Trump, as the media breathlessly tell us each time they think he has been exposed to the virus, doesn’t have it. I’m no scientist, but I think they also need to research if an orange spray tan works as a barrier against COVID-19.

A libertarian syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author and TV commentator. He can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com or on Twitter @RonaldHart.