Kayleigh McEnany Snaps At Democrats Over ‘Funny’ Coronavirus Numbers

Photo Credit: C-Span/Screenshot

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany ripped Democrats during a press briefing Tuesday, claiming they’ve been spreading disinformation about the coronavirus.

McEnany specifically called out Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who she claimed “erroneously” cited false numbers when discussing coronavirus cases in the U.S. (RELATED: Kayleigh McEnany: Pelosi ‘Won’t Lay Off The Ice Cream,’ But She’s ‘Just Fine’ With Laying Off American Workers)

“I talk to Dr. Birx regularly. In fact, I talked to her just before I came out here because I had some questions about some funny numbers I heard from Senator Elizabeth Warren,” McEnany said. “I think it’s unfair to the American people to give inflated case numbers and mortality numbers, because it leads to those same Americans making the decision to not get a mammogram, to not have the cancer screenings they need.”

“Elizabeth Warren erroneously said there were 25,000 new cases today,” McEnany continued. “In fact, there were less than 20,000. Senator Warren said there were 2,000 deaths. In fact, there have been less than 1,000.”


McEnany went on to warn of the “consequences” of coronavirus misinformation. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Jan.21: Fauci Says Coronavirus ‘Not A Major Threat’ To U.S.)

“I’d encourage our Democratic colleagues and all Americans to make sure we’re putting out there good information, because it does have consequences,” McEany said.

While Tuesday’s data has not yet been made available, the U.S. reported 837 deaths and 18,000 cases Monday, the lowest for both categories since late March, according to 538 Editor-in-Chief Nate Silver.

Those numbers are expected to increase Tuesday, as coronavirus data is often delayed during the weekend.