Saving Money’s More Important Than Ever. Here’s A 9-Step Guide On How to Do It

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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To say handling money’s been tough over the last couple of months is a gross understatement. And while businesses are shutting down and people are losing their jobs left and right, expenses like rent, mortgages, and more still stand. But instead of curling into a ball and wishing for it all to be over, let these game-changing online courses help you get a hold of your finances so you can live happily and stress-free. You can get all nine courses in the A 9-Course Guide to Recession-Proofing Your Finances Bundle — on sale now for $31. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Learn to budget better.

Setting limits for your spending is the key to controlling your expenses. Instead of blowing through your money blindly, the Make Your Money Work for You By Learning to Budget Better course helps you create a monthly spending plan that actually works. This way, when surprise expenses like a trip to the hospital or the dreaded car-break-down scenario come your way, it won’t deplete your bank account.

Keep your money safe with real estate investments.

Investing in real estate seems easy enough but unless you understand the complex expenses and risks involved, you could end up really hurting yourself in the future. Over the course of 16 lessons, you’ll become familiar with rent processes, real estate legal and tax structures, and finance options. You’ll also learn how to spot out sketchy offers made by con-artists who prey on first-time real estate investors.

Employ strategies to maintain a passive income.

In this course, you’ll learn about the many benefits of dividend investing, helping you build wealth that lasts for the long-term. From buying stocks to identifying risky financial ventures, you’ll explore how smart investments can turn into a passive income you can rely on. With detailed lessons and helpful examples like real company balance sheets, you’ll understand how to build your own short and longterm financial goals.

Learn the financial perks of becoming a business analyst and investor.

Who better to teach you the ins and outs of being a financial analyst than an award-winning professor and venture capitalist? With over 22 hours of comprehensive financial training, the successful Chris Haroun will show you what it means to be competitive in the financial market, providing guidance on portfolio management, IPO building, and more. Before you know it, you’ll be reaping the benefits of being ahead of the money game.

Juggle credit, debt, and savings with ease.

Between your student loans, credit card bills, and subscriptions, dishing out money is becoming a job within itself. But with this course by LifePower, you’ll finally get a hold of your debt, learning how to control your credit score, take out and manage personal loans, and budget for major investments. After these 30 eye-opening lessons, feeling overwhelmed with monthly bills and payments will be a thing of the past.

Make money from the comfort of your own home.

These days, conducting business from home is becoming the new normal. And with so much being based online, earning a living from your home office is easier than you think — as long as you understand how to manage things. With this online course, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how residual income works, preparing to turn it into a seven-figure income in just five years. After just over 20 lessons, you’ll learn how to turn your at-home business into a full-blown success.

Understand tax benefits so you can make smarter money moves.

If you’ve ever pulled your hair out trying to understand the many complexities of tax-filing and planning, IRAs and more, you’re not alone. That’s why experienced CPA Robert Steele walks you through the most complicated fundamentals of tax forms and Roth IRAs to set you up for financial freedom in the future. With six hours of content and nearly 100 lessons, you’ll finally understand why setting yourself up for retirement and taking advantage of tax qualifications and benefits can make or break your financial standing down the road.

Learn how to responsibly split real estate profits.

Investing in real estate is tricky enough, but throw some partners into the mix and things can get sticky, quick. Avoid mistakes that can cost you money by getting familiar with the Waterfall Distribution Framework, a structural plan designed for splitting profits among various business partners. And with over 24 lectures led by the experienced real estate investor and business consultant Symon He, you’ll learn how the framework is used in successful investments.

Minimize your risk with a step-by-step stock market investing guide.

Need a little hand-holding as you attempt to buy your first winning stock? This stellar course, taught by the experienced trader, Travis Rose, takes you through the twists and turns of buying and selling stocks, from opening your first investment account to avoiding mistakes commonly made by first-time traders. When it comes to smart spending and investing, this is the best education you can get.

Acquiring wealth is all about making the right moves, and investing in the education provided by the 9-Course Guide to Recession-Proofing Your Finances is the best one you could make. And at a wild 98% off at just 31 bucks, this money move is a no-brainer.

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