What Are The Biggest Non-Conference Football Games During The 2020 Season?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There are three major non-conference football games that everyone needs to watch during the 2020 season.

I found this topic being debated on Reddit as I was reading over some stuff, and it’s not really a tough question for me. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Let’s dive into the three games every fan needs to be watching in 2020.

What is the biggest non-rivarly game this season? from CFB

1) Clemson at Notre Dame:

The Tigers and Fighting Irish will meet November 7 under the lights in South Bend, and it might be the only shot Clemson has at losing during the regular season.

Clemson won’t get challenged during the ACC season, and I highly doubt South Carolina will keep things competitive.

That means the only chance for the Tigers to get a loss is under the lights against Notre Dame. In terms of big non-conference games, this one takes the cake.

2) Ohio State at Oregon:

Similar to Clemson’s situation, there’s a very good chance the Buckeyes are capable of running through the B1G regular season without a loss.

Sure, they could lose to Penn State and Michigan could pull off the upset of a lifetime. However, neither is really likely.

I’m not sure Justin Fields and company losing to Oregon in Eugene September 12 is any more realistic, but it’s the only other realistic shot anyone has of taking out OSU during the regular season.

The most likely place for the Buckeyes to falter is against Wisconsin in the B1G title game. However, the stakes will be high here.

3) Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame at Lambeau Field:

Yes, Notre Dame plays in two of the three biggest non-conference games of the 2020 season. With Wisconsin’s only other hard game being against Michigan, a win against Notre Dame means an 11-1 regular season is more than likely.


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If the Badgers and OSU meet in the title game and both are 12-0, there’s a very real chance the conference gets two playoff teams.

Notre Dame could potentially become a roadblock to that reality October 3 at Lambeau. Also, this game is all anyone is talking about back home for the upcoming season. Can’t wait!

Let us know in the comments the games that you think matter the most!