Biden Aide Unloads On ‘Partisan, Rightwing Hack’ Catherine Herridge For Reporting On Flynn


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A top Biden communications aide attacked CBS’ Catherine Herridge over a Wednesday report showing the names of the officials who unmasked former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Herridge went public with documents, declassified by acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, that revealed former Vice President Joe Biden was among those who had called for Flynn to be unmasked. (RELATED: Fox News’s Catherine Herridge Heads To CBS)

Andrew Bates, rapid response director for Biden’s presidential campaign, referred to Herridge in a now-deleted tweet as a “partisan, rightwing hack” and a “regular conduit for conservative media manipulation ploys,” appearing to take issue with her for not reaching out to Biden for comment prior to publishing the documents.

Andrew Bates tweet (Twitter/Screenshot/AndrewBates)

Some quickly rallied to Herridge’s defense, saying that she was simply reporting on what happened. (RELATED: Biden, Comey, Brennan Submitted Flynn ‘Unmasking’ Requests)

There were a few who appeared to agree with Bates’ assessment of the story, but they stopped short of attacking Herridge directly.

Bates’ attack comes just ten days after World Press Freedom day, when his own boss released a statement promising “no bullying of the media by tweet.”

“Attacking the press and attempting to intimidate independent media is a standard part of the authoritarian playbook. Efforts to undermine public confidence in the integrity of fact-based reporting violate our core American values and threaten our very system of government,” Biden said. “Journalists hold those in positions of authority accountable, investigate and document abuses of power, and expose the truth for everyone to see. In a Biden White House, there will be no bullying of the media by tweet.”