Escaped Goats Take Over The Streets Of San Jose


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About 200 goats roamed a neighborhood in East San Jose, California, after they broke an electric fence and escaped from a ranch Tuesday.

Terry Roelands said that he brings in the goats a few times a year to maintain the brush behind his house ever since a fire 15 years ago, according to NBC Bay Area.

Terry Roelands’ son Zach Tweeted tweeted a video of the massive herd of goats making their way through the neighborhood, saying that “this is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine.”

Roelands said the goats escaped around 5:30 P.M. according to The Mercury News. They were able to round them up fairly quickly, he added, but not before they left behind a trail of droppings and ate some potted plants and vegetation along the way. (RELATED: This Mark Zuckerberg Story Involving A Goat May Be The Most Bizarre One Yet)

When asked on Twitter if the goats actually finished their job and cleared the brush, Zach replied, “nope they ate all the plants and pooped all over the grass.” 

“You know, more fertilizer so I’ll have to mow it twice as often.”

After his video went viral Zack encouraged people visiting his Twitter page to donate to Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks.