‘Could They At Least Hold Up A Baby In A Racist Onesie?’: Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump For Inability To Hold Rallies


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Late-night comedian Stephen Colbert mocked President Donald Trump over his coronavirus response and his inability to hold campaign rallies.

Colbert suggested during a Wednesday night monologue that Trump’s response to the pandemic had been so bad that Iran would have to change its protest message from “Death to America” to “They got it covered.” He went on to mock the president’s inability to hold his signature rallies, imitating Trump as he asked, “Is there any way you can make these forklifts scream my name?” (RELATED: Stephen Colbert Explains The ‘Definition Of Insanity’ With A Little Help From Donald Trump)


Colbert began by claiming that, in terms of deaths per 100,000 people due to coronavirus, the U.S. was not doing as well as President Trump has said.

“In this vital statistic, the United States is even worse than Iran, forcing Iran to change their protest signs to ‘Death to America! Oh, wait. Never mind. They got it covered,'” Colbert said. “Our government’s response has been so bad that Americans likely won’t be allowed to visit Europe any time soon. Forget Europe. At this point, I’d settle for a trip to the International House of Pancakes.”

Colbert then transitioned to the 2020 election, noting that Trump was planning a trip to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to tour a distribution center that handles medical equipment.

“He so wants to be doing stadium rallies, but instead, they’re making him do educational field trips,” Colbert said, pivoting to imitate the president. “‘Wait a second, is there any way you can make these forklifts scream my name? Could they at least hold up a baby in a racist onesie?'”

Colbert also took aim at Trump’s presumptive opponent in the 2020 presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden. “According to his team, Biden plans to continue campaigning virtually from home,” Colbert said. “That makes sense. You know the old saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and if it is broke but rising in the polls, lock it in the basement.'”