Dr. Marc Siegel Explains Why US Might Not Face A Second Coronavirus Wave

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel explained why the United States may not get a second coronavirus wave in the Fall on Thursday afternoon’s “Bill Hemmer Reports.”

Reacting to a question from Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer about whether or not “we are better equipped” for a virus reemergence given all that has been learned over the past several months, Siegel agreed but questioned the assumption that had been put forth by a previous guest.


“The testing, we didn’t have it before, the vaccine we didn’t have before, understanding the virus,” Siegel explained, referring to key differences between the beginnings of the pandemic and a future occurrence.

“One thing though I want to maybe slightly differ is, we don’t know if we are getting a second wave,” he said. “The southern hemisphere right now is quite quiet and that usually predicts what we see in the fall.”

The Fox News contributor, who often appears on the network to discuss coronavirus issues, acknowledged that a second wave “might” indeed come since “that tends to happen with respiratory viruses.”

“But Australia is doing a tremendous job of controlling it,” he concluded. “We may not get a second wave. We have to prepare for it but we may not get it.” (RELATED: ‘I Don’t Have Proof’: Whitmer Balks When Challenged By Reporter About Claim That Protests Are Spreading Coronavirus)

Many experts, including White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, have predicted a second virus wave in the Fall that would coincide with the traditional flu season.