New Jersey Cop Wins $2 Million Prize On ‘Survivor: Winners At War’

(Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

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A New Jersey cop won the $2 million prize on Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor: Winners At War.”

Tony Vlachos, 46, beat out Natalie Anderson and Michele Fitzgerald to become the second person to win two seasons of “Survivor,” according to a report published by Entertainment Tonight.

As for what he plans to use the money for, Tony claimed coronavirus has affected his plans.

“It opened up my eyes to see how [important] financial security it is,” Tony said. “Anything can happen. Right now we’re going through people losing their jobs. The first million that I won with ‘Survivor,’ I invested in a lot of properties… the best thing to do is to pay off those mortgages and be secure.”

He does have a couple fun purchases to make. (RELATED: ‘Survivor’ Winner Reveals What He Plans To Do With His $1 Million Prize)

“I promised my kids if I won I would get them go-karts, little ones with gas in them,” Tony said. “They’re so excited about that. One pink one, one blue one.”

“Me and my wife, we’re good,” he added. “We’re just going to relax and watch our kids live their life to the fullest.”

Tony worked super hard to win this season, but I still think Natalie should have taken the prize home. She got voted off the island basically first and made it back to end up in the final three. That takes dedication and a really good game strategy.

Tony did deserve the win though.