‘You’re Not Welcome To Your Own Set Of Facts’: Chris Christie Spars With Joy Behar Over Reopening

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie traded barbs with “The View” host Joy Behar over Congress’ response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“You’re not welcome to your own set of facts,” Christie told Behar, rebutting her claims that Republicans were preventing people from getting the help they needed in the face of the pandemic. (RELATED: ‘That’s A False Choice’: Chris Christie Fires Back At Whoopi Goldberg In Heated Exchange)


Christie explained the process going forward to provide continued aid to American families, saying, “Both sides are going to negotiate on this. It’s the typical legislative process. The Democrats want the things they want. Republicans want the things they want. They’ll ultimately come to a compromise as they have before.”

Behar responded by attacking Republicans, accusing them of only helping the rich or the military.

“They always seem to have money to give tax breaks to rich people in this country or money to bolster the military. When it comes down to it when it comes to helping people, the Republicans don’t — all of a sudden — we don’t have any anymore. That’s just me,” Behar said. “Let me ask you this question. The president said we have met the moment and we prevailed. Mission accomplishment. Do you agree with that?”

Christie pivoted back to Behar’s attack, saying, “Republicans voted overwhelmingly for all the aid for small business people across this country twice. Republicans voted overwhelmingly for the $1,200 checks that have gone to every one of the taxpayers out there who qualified under the program, the folks in our lower middle class, middle class who needed the aid. Republicans voted for aid to hospitals and frontline health care workers. So it’s unfair, Joy, to say Republicans don’t support any of this stuff and they only have money for businesses. That’s a typical Democratic talking point —”

Behar interrupted, bringing up the people protesting the lockdowns and asking, “Why is everybody crying that they have no money and they can’t — they have no job and have no money? Why is everybody upset running out into the streets and defying the rules? Why? Tell me.”

Christie pointed out that the protests weren’t just about money and that people across the country — including some who had received either individual stimulus payments or small business aid — just wanted their lives back.

“They’re saying they want their jobs back. They want food. They want to pay their rent. They want to pay their mortgages. They don’t have enough money for that. That’s what they’re crying about,” Behar argued. “And I don’t see the Republican Party helping them, all they’re doing is just blaming everyone else.

“You’re wrong. That’s absolutely wrong. It’s your point of view and you’re welcome to it, but you’re not welcome to your own set of facts,” Christie shot back, repeating his earlier comments about how Republicans had repeatedly supported direct payments and aid payments for individuals and small businesses.