‘You’ve Got To Flip It On Them’: Greg Gutfeld Offers Advice To Those Who Just Want To Get Back To Work

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Greg Gutfeld offered a piece of advice Friday to those who just want to get back to work and are facing accusations that they’re endangering others.

Gutfeld was responding on “The Five” to updates from different states around the country that have started to reopen from lockdowns designed to control the spread of coronavirus. (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld’s Only Beef With CNN Debate Is Don Lemon’s ‘Biased Questions’)


Juan Williams noted that, as the weather began to warm up, it was going to be harder to keep people inside — but he also noted that being outside and active might actually work in favor of slowing the spread.

“Dana is talking about beaches. The weather is getting better. There’s going to be more people outside, and I think if people, if they are outside and keeping a social distance, I think there’s a better shot at avoiding trouble than when we are indoors kind of huddled with the virus around. What do you think?” Williams asked.

Gutfeld agreed that the ability to spend time outside might help, but then pivoted to offer advice to those who were being accused of endangering others because they want their cities and states to reopen.

“As for people who continue to accuse others of murder when they want to go outside and feed their families, flip the script. When they accuse you of wanting death, say to them, ‘Well, you want more spousal abuse,'” he said. “Domestic violence has been surging as these restrictions linger, right? So if they say you want people to die, well, you want spouses to get beaten up. Obviously that’s absurd. But it’s analogous. That’s what the media is doing to people who just want to get back to work. You’ve got to flip it on them. Piece of advice from Greg.”

“We appreciate it. Thank you, thank you,” Williams replied.