‘AUDACITY OF GROPE’: FLASHBACK: Here’s Jon Stewart Making Fun Of Biden For Sniffing Girls

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Former Comedy Central host Jon Stewart once did a segment poking fun at then-Vice President Joe Biden for his propensity to uncomfortably touch and sniff women.

The February 2015 segment on “The Daily Show” featured Stewart, along with then-Daily Show “Senior White House Correspondent” Samantha Bee, cracking jokes in between footage of Biden’s many awkward public appearances with members of the opposite sex.


Introducing the segment as “Joe Biden: You Only Have One F#@King Job!”, the former Comedy Central host jokingly told Biden that his mission as vice president is a “simple” one, “You show up!”

“We’ve already seen, that remorse about lady touching is the one thing Joe Biden will not feel,” he quipped.

After playing footage of several odd encounters, Stewart pretended to put soap in his eyes to wash out the image of Biden putting his head uncomfortably close to a young girl.

“Aaaaah! I can still see it! Aaaaah!” he panned. “What could you possibly be saying to her?”

Stewart called it a “Senate right of passage” for “Delaware Joe” to feel “up one immediate member of your family” before giving Biden credit for being “good on women’s issues in general.”

“It’s the moments with actual women he seems to have a problem with,” he said.

Later in the segment, Stewart switched to Bee, who pretended to come “from a one on one interview with Vice President Biden.” (RELATED: Protester Screams At Joe Biden: ‘Answer For The Women And Children You Groped!’)

The Hill’s Joe Concha pointed out that virtually no comedian would “dream of doing this now.”