‘You Just Got Blown Out Of The Water!’: Greg Gutfeld Uses Video To Fact-Check Juan Williams On Hydroxychloroquine

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld used a seemingly already-teed-up video to give “The Five” co-host Juan Williams an instant fact-check during a Tuesday afternoon debate about President Donald Trump’s use of Hydroxychloroquine.


After Gutfeld and “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters spent some time defending Trump’s decision to take the drug as a preventative measure against coronavirus, Williams questioned Gutfeld’s framing, then insinuated that the president “convince[d]” his physician to give him the drug.

“This is all risk, no benefits,” Williams said. “Why do I say that? Because guess what. That is exactly what the FDA set on April 24, which I got here. It said that they were worried about the side effects and there was no proven benefit from taking this drug. The Veterans Administration …”

“That was discredited,” Gutfeld interrupted. “That’s been discredited. You bring up the VA, Juan. You bring up the VA. Let’s hear from the head of the VA. Exactly what you just said, let’s show that tape because it’s an important point that Juan brought up.”

In the clip, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie made clear that the cited research “was not” a “peer-reviewed” VA study and that the agency does indeed use 42,000 doses of Hydroxychloroquine “on any given day.”

After playing the clip, Gutfeld tried to go to co-host Dana Perino, but Williams wanted a word.

“Hold on, hold on. I want to finish my points,” he said. (RELATED: ‘I Think It’s Reasonable’: Dr. Marc Siegel Defends Trump Physician, Blasts ‘Ridiculous’ Politicization Of Hydroxychloroquine)

“You just got blown out of the water!” Gutfeld quipped.

Williams called the meeting a “dog and pony show for the president,” insisting they had been “dragged into the principal’s office.”