‘Let Me Assure You’ — Joe Scarborough Claims Trump Isn’t Actually Taking Hydroxychloroquine

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claimed on air Tuesday that President Donald Trump is not actually taking hydroxychloroquine as he has claimed, describing his personal experience witnessing Trump “compulsively” wiping his hands.


“When the president of the United States actually says he’s doing something which, let me assure you, he is not doing. Let me assure you, the president of the United States is not taking Hydroxychloroquine,” Scarborough said. “In all the time that I knew him, I only sat for one meal with him. Before that meal, he had wipes like this high and would go through the wipes, compulsively, and wipe his hands, sanitize his hands before eating anything.”

“So, he’s not taking something that his own administration has said will kill you,” he continued. “I’ve got to say, this is a man who, from the very beginning of his administration, has acted like he doesn’t want to be reelected. And I’m dead serious about that. He does things every day that only cause more problems for himself.”

Scarborough claimed in April that Trump was in “complete meltdown mode” and said that his poll numbers are “collapsing.”

Trump has repeatedly tried to call out at the “Morning Joe” host by tweeting about a former intern of his who passed away. (RELATED: ‘Did He Get Away With Murder?’ — Trump Calls For Joe Scarborough To Be Investigated In Morning Tweetstorm)

The use of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus has been a contentious topic in recent months, as some have pushed it as a promising treatment, while others have downplayed it and said that it’s dangerous. (RELATED: With Hydroxychloroquine, A Heavy Dose Of Conspiracy Theory)

Trump announced Monday that he began taking the drug as a preventative measure against coronavirus. Fox News’ Neil Cavuto warned that the drug can kill people.

White House Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Monday that she doesn’t “have any information about the exact rationale” related to Trump’s decision to take hydroxychloroquine.