The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying American-Made

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Let me set the stage for you: You’re browsing Amazon or E-bay for that product you have decided you need….and you come across several options. You do some price comparing and find the cheapest product which still boasts thousands of 5 star reviews. You read through the ad-copy and reviews and immediately notice something strange: phrases in English that sound broken, strange, grammatically in-correct, and in some cases down right non-nonsensical. It’s then becomes pretty clear to you that this product is made in China.

While almost all of us have been guilty of ignoring our quality concerns for cost-savings at one time or another, there are many reasons why we should re-consider before clicking that buy button on the heavily discounted Chinese knockoff version of that must have product. Just as President Trump has brought the focus of his politics into “Making America Great Again”, here are five reasons why you should consider going out of your way to buy American-made products and help bring jobs back into the country!

1. Quality Of Products

The term “Made within the USA” has historically been a symbol for quality, excellent craftsmanship and a superior product. We typically don’t cut corners here…and continuing to use foreign imports gives no guarantee of quality that our culture has formed around. While shipments and products are often monitored, there’s no true guarantee of the imported goods quality and longevity as many foreign vendors are notoriously difficult to contact and make their products difficult to return on purpose to reduce returns and improve their bottom line.

While price tags will often be higher for made in USA products, the value per use is really often lower because the made in USA quality will last far longer than a far off made alternate.

2. Buying American Provides Jobs For Future Generations

We should care about our future. A future without American Manufacturing means that your children will grow up and be forced to move out of the country to pursue American Business opportunities, a grotesque reversal of the freedom and pride we have cultivated over generations.

Manufacturing productsin the USA means guaranteed jobs for thousands of individuals . This happens because the extra money that’s invested in buying American-Made products, goes directly into the pockets of thousands of American business owners and workers. As this happens, the manufacturing sector will continue to grow. By growing the manufacturing sector, more jobs are created that successively will push extra money back to the economy and create a cycle where demand for American-made products means more people will get to create those American-made products.

3. Promotes American Independence From China

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We as Americans are born with pride in our nation and in our independence. Relying entirely on another country’s exports is both  counter-intuitive to our sense of being and to our national pride, and a generally bad long-term economic strategy.  Our country, which was once a powerhouse on the worldwide market, is now placing vital importance on our trade agreements with other nations and hoping other countries will be kind to us at the negotiating table. Buying American-Made helps directly reverse this trend and force other countries to buy our exports and products while increasing our GDP.

4. Environmentally-Friendly

If you give a shred of concern about the environment, it is an economic fact that US manufacturing reduces environmental damage. For all the partisan bickering around environmental policy, we often forget that China is biggest offender of creating irreversible economic damage to our planet.   Current technologies allow manufacturing processes within the US to lean toward cleaner, renewable, and eco-friendly practices. If we invest in American-made products, we will make certain that we do our part to contribute to a cleaner environment for our generation and reduce transportation and manufacturing expenses in environmental terms.

5. Helps To Scale Back The Deficit

Whether we talk about it or not, the USA features a huge and growing deficit that will continue to be an issue. Investing in American-Made products will boost the American economy which, in turn, will reduce the deficit and help us reduce our debt to foreign advisories that do not have the best interests of Americans at heart.

So there you have it. The next time you do shopping online, consider taking the time to do your research and considering buying American-Made if it works for your budget.