Cross-Country ‘Speedrunners’ Break Another Cannonball Run Record, Complete Race In Less Tha 26 Hours

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Cross-country “speedrunners” have broken another Cannonball Run record — crossing the United States in less than 26 hours.

Ed Bolian, a previous record holder, shared in his latest report that the famed illegal cross-country race has been beaten seven times in the “span of five weeks” as the country has been forced to shelter-in-place due to the coronavirus outbreak, per Whichcar.com in a piece published May 15. (RELATED: US Surgeon General Tells Media To Stop Sniping At Trump Over Coronavirus: ‘No More Bickering … Or Finger Pointing’)

Bolian noted that he has been in contact with the new record holders, who managed the coast-to-coast race in less than 26 hours “by a considerable margin.” Exactly what that time was has not been released yet as they are reportedly working on a documentary that will focus on their historic ride. (RELATED: Dr. Anthony Fauci Comes Close To Recommending Complete Shut Down Of Bars And Restaurants)


However, it’s been estimated that the driver had to have been going over 120 mph “through some states,” Bolian explained.

As the report noted, with fuel stops, the team’s peak and cruising speeds had to have been in excess of that figure.

The unknown driver in an unknown type of car managed to break the previous record of 26 hours and 38 minutes set in April with the help of more than 30 spotters across the country.

According to the report:

According to Bolian, its not just the outright record that has been broken, with the solo-driver, diesel-powered, and coast-to-coast-to-coast Cannonball records all tumbling – the last of which having almost 20 hours shaved off the previous record time.

The racers start at the Red Ball Garage in Manhattan and then drive across the country as fast as possible to finish at the Portofini Inn in Redondo Beach, California.

The Cannonball Baker Sea-to Shinning Sea Memorial Trophy Dash was first started by Brock Yates, a famous editor at Car and Driver magazine in 1971. He organized four of the illegal cross-country races throughout the 1970s.

The cross-country speed race is probably best known after the classic 1981 movie “The Cannonball Run” starring Burt Reynolds.