‘If This Clown Show Happened On Fox, You’d Be Raging’: Janice Dean Fires Back At Ana Navarro For Defending Cuomo Brothers


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean and Ana Navarro engaged in a heated exchange Thursday over a CNN segment with anchor Chris Cuomo and his brother, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The two were discussing a segment from CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” during which Chris mocked Andrew over a video of his coronavirus test.


When Media Research Center’s Nicholas Fondacaro pointed out the fact that Chris was engaging in televised sibling rivalry rather than asking the hard questions — such as why his brother had ordered nursing homes to accept patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases — Navarro defended the Cuomos.

“For months, @CNN has carried almost 24/7 sobering Covid-news. A few minutes of friendly bantering b/w 2 brothers w/high-profile, high-stress jobs, is not supposed to be journalism. It’s called humor. It is a coping mechanism for some of us. Simple. If it offends you, don’t watch,” Navarro said.

“One guy faked his own quarantine. The other guy let recovering Covid patients back into nursing homes which ultimately I believe killed one or both of my in-laws,” Dean responded. “If this clown show happened on Fox, you’d be raging. Sit down, please.”

Navarro said that she felt sympathy for families who had lost loved ones, but immediately pivoted to attack Fox News, adding, “If this had happened on Fox News, I would not have seen it.”

She went on to turn on Dean, saying, “I don’t need your permission to stand-up, speak-up or act-up. Have a nice day.”

“I didn’t see any disputing of my facts. That’s a win. But keep on deflecting, Karen,” Dean shot back.

“Bless her heart” along with three laughing emojis was Navarro’s response.

Dean has been calling for an investigation into the March executive order from Governor Cuomo that led to hundreds of COVID patients being admitted to nursing homes, contributing to a large spike in cases inside those nursing homes. (RELATED: ‘Make No Mistake, We Want Answers’: Janice Dean Calls For Accountability In Andrew Cuomo’s Nursing Home COVID Crisis)

Chris Cuomo, despite interviewing his brother on a number of occasions, has yet to ask him about the order and the impact that it may have had on his state’s death toll.