‘Cold Comfort’: Martha MacCallum Throws Cold Water On Cuomo ‘Brother Act’

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Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum tossed some proverbial cold water on the “brother act” CNN host Chris Cuomo and Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo often engage in on CNN at night.

Appearing on “The Daily Briefing” with Fox News anchor Dana Perino, MacCallum called the banter “cold comfort” to those who have “lost their loved ones” in New York nursing homes after Cuomo’s decision to force them to take coronavirus-positive patients early in the pandemic.


“It’s been a fun sort of brother act that they’ve been doing there, but I think that is really cold comfort to a lot of people in this metropolitan area who have lost their loved ones in these nursing homes,” MacCallum said, reacting to a Wednesday night “Cuomo Prime Time” clip of the brothers joking around.

“Now the governor said, look, older people will die from this and basically there’s not a lot that we can do about it,” she continued. “That is very true. The older part of our population is the most vulnerable. If they get it, they are clearly in the most vulnerable category, but the problem is that they didn’t all have to die.”

The Fox News anchor drew from conversations she’s had with nurses and healthcare workers to contend that the “problem” was “that they had to reintroduce people who were being sent home from hospitals, and they didn’t know whether or not they were still shedding virus. They were told they had to take them.”

Acknowledging Cuomo’s shift of blame to the federal government, MacCallum noted that “plenty of governors” did “not make that decision.” (RELATED: Martha MacCallum Grills Debbie Dingell On Cannabis And Stimulus Checks For Illegals)

“So those were guidelines that were sent out,” she said. “The CDC hasn’t mandated anything from day one.”

She called the fact that Cuomo “reversed his decision on Mother’s Day” an “admission in my mind of the fact that this was a mistake.”

“It’s OK to say, you know what, we made a mistake,” she concluded.