Biden Suggests Black Trump Supporters ‘Ain’t Black,’ Diddy Tells Biden ‘The Black Vote Ain’t Free’

(Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

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Rapper and songwriter Sean Combs, aka “Diddy,” told former Vice President and current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that “the black vote ain’t free” after Biden made some controversial comments during a Breakfast Club interview Friday. 

A viral video shows Biden telling radio host Charlamagne Tha God that “if you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.” The host responded that “It don’t have nothing to do with Trump, it has to do with the fact — I want something for my community.”

Another clip from the interview shows Biden saying that the only “things everybody has in common in jail” are being victims of abuse, illiteracy and a lack of job skills. (RELATED: The Nation Columnist Defends Joe Biden From Tara Reade: ‘I Would Vote For Joe Biden If He Boiled Babies And Ate Them’)


The videos have sparked strong reactions, including one from popular American rapper Diddy, who told Biden in a tweet that “the black vote ain’t free.”

Shortly after the video surfaced, #YouAintBlack trended on Twitter as users criticized Biden’s remarks.

On Fox News, Senator Tim Scott said Biden’s comment was “the most arrogant, condescending comment I have heard in a very long time.”