Life’s Tough But These Memorial Day Deals Make Things A Lot Easier

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Whether it’s something for the yard or a new gadget for the kitchen, there are all kinds of products out there designed to make your life easier. But at prices like these, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting one of everything! Just don’t forget to enter the coupon code SUMMERSAVE20 at check-out to get an additional 20% off your purchase.

1. Rollova 2.0 Digital Ruler – $61.59 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Capable of measuring both straight and curved lines along with awkward-shaped surfaces, this digital ruler deserves a place in everyone’s toolbox. Just roll it over any surface and its attached OLED screen will give you an accurate measurement right away.

Get this here with the code SUMMERSAVE20 at check-out for an extra 20% off.

2. Kooduu: 3-in-1 Designer Lamp, Speaker & Cooler – $127.99 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Boasting a 4.7/5-star rating on Amazon, this unique 3-in-1 lamp turned Bluetooth speaker and cooler is giving summer a unique twist this year! Ideal for evenings out on the patio, this versatile piece is a total party-pleaser.

Click here to get it for just $127 with the discount code SUMMERSAVE20.

3. Eight Sleep Gravity 15Lb Weighted Blanket – $240 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Ease anxiety and sleep more soundly with this deluxe 15-pound weighted blanket. Filled with tiny, fine-grade glass beads and covered in a cool, micro-fiber duvet, this blanket will be your favorite cuddle buddy, whether it’s on the bed or on the couch during movie-night.

Get it here for just $240 with the code SUMMERSAVE20.

4. Q-Swiper® BBQ Grill Cleaning Bundle – $26.39 with code SUMMERSAVE20

If you love grilling in the backyard, this grill-cleaning set is a must-have. Complete with a bristle-free cleaning brush, 65 cleaning wipes, and two reusable grill cloths, you’ll enjoy safe, clean, delicious backyard barbeques all summer long.

Get your bundle here for under $30 bucks with the code SUMMERSAVE20.

5. The Cut Buddy: Beard-Shaping & Hair-Trimming Guide – $9.59 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Keep your beard and sideburns looking sharp in between trips to the barber — or simply skip them altogether thanks to this handy trimming tool! From mustaches to goatees, this Shark Tank-winning tool grooms you to perfection every single time.

At just under $10 bucks with the discount code SUMMERSAVE20, this thing’s a total steal! Get it here.

6. Monster Targe 80: Indoor/Outdoor Full HD TV Antenna – $39.99 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Enjoy clear, uninterrupted TV watching thanks to this FUll HD TV antenna with 360° Signal Reception. Capable of receiving HDTV, SDTV, 4K TV, RCA’S DTTV, Analog TV Signals, and more, all you’ll need to worry about is grabbing the popcorn.

Get it here for just $40 bucks with the code SUMMERSAVE20.

7. Aloe Ice Pillow Gel – $65.59 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Designed for side-sleepers, this pillow’s unique foam build supports the head and neck so that you can sleep soundly and wake up fully refreshed. Plus, it stays cool all night so you never have to wake up in a cold sweat again.

Get the game-changing pillow here for an extra 20% off with the code SUMMERSAVE20.

8. The Barnacle 100% Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – $24.80 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Listening to your favorite playlists at the pool has never been easier thanks to this waterproof Bluetooth speaker that actually floats right alongside you! It even lets you make hands-free calls with its built-in caller ID and microphone.

Click here to get it for just under $25 bucks when you enter the code SUMMERSAVE20 at check-out.

9. Magnet Driver® Set 17 – $34.39 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Each of the 17 pieces in this set is magnetized so it stays in place as you drill, screw, and whatever else. The Magnet Driver can also be converted to a one-hand tool so you can get to those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies normal drills can’t get to.

Get yours here for just $35 bucks with coupon code SUMMERSAVE20.

10. DHM Detox Herbal Supplement: 10-Pack – $18.39 with code SUMMERSAVE20

If you love drinking but hate the after-effects (and who doesn’t?), these herbal supplements can help! DHM Detox is designed to help boost the body’s natural response to alcohol. Simply take while drinking to help reduce negative after-effects like nausea, brain fog, and headaches

Get a 10-pack of supplement packets here for under $20 bucks when you use the code SUMMERSAVE20.

11. The Sawyer Utility Bracelet – $23.99 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Whether you’re braving the outdoors or fixing things around the house, this utility bracelet lets you have all the tools you need right at your fingertips — or rather, on your wrist! Whether it’s a box-cutter, a bottle opener, or a screwdriver you need, this durable bracelet made of real leather and stainless steel is just the man for the job.

Get the bracelet here for an extra 20% off with the coupon code SUMMERSAVE20.

12. CINEMOOD 360: First 360° Interactive Projector – $263.19 with code SUMMERSAVE20

For the first time ever, this innovative 360° projector allows kids to get active as they enjoy motion and learning games. Free of any wires, cables, or cords, this handheld projector is something the entire family can have fun with.

Click here to get it for its discounted price when you use the coupon code SUMMERSAVE20.

13. Marshall® Acton II Wireless Smart Speaker – $175.99 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Not only is this the world’s smallest smart speaker, but it boasts some serious power. This little speaker lets you use your voice to control calls, music, podcasts, and whatever other smart devices you have around the house.

Get the discounted speaker here with the coupon code SUMMERSAVE20.

14. AXIS Gear: Smart Blinds Controller – $159.99 with code SUMMERSAVE20

You can control a lot from your phone these days, so why not add your window shades into the mix? Automate your window blinds and shades with nothing more than a 5-minute installation thanks to its accompanying app that’s super easy to use.

Get it here along with 20% off thanks to the coupon code SUMMERSAVE20.

15. ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch – $29.59 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Track your calories, sleep, steps, and more with this great ChronoWatch just in time for summer. Boasting 16 main functions and a 1.4″ colorful display with easy tap and swipe-control, this gadget is just as awesome as the more popular smartwatches out there for a fraction of the price.

Click here to save some serious money on this smartwatch with the code SUMMERSAVE20.

16. AMABILIS® Responder Jacket (Tactical Black) – $190.39 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Whether you’re commuting to work or braving the nearest hiking trails this jacket is a total game-changer. That’s because it boasts over ten pockets, side zippers, clip and lanyard attachments, and more, allowing you to carry just about anything you’d need when away from home. Plus, it’s super comfortable.

Get the Responder Jacket for an extra 20% off here when you use the code SUMMERSAVE20 at check-out.

17. Swiss Diamond® XD 10-Piece Set: Ultimate Kitchen Kit – $428.79 with code SUMMERSAVE20

With new and advanced XD coating boasting 20% more diamond crystals on each pan, this 10-piece cookware set is a complete dream. And with its non-stick coating, cooking and clean-up is a total breeze.

Get the 10-piece set here with an extra 20% off using the code SUMMERSAVE20 at check-out.

18. Trinken Lid: Hidden Coffee Cup Beer Cozy – $20.79 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Is that a beer or a cup of coffee to-go? Thanks to this sneaky drink cozy, no one has to know when you’re sipping on an ice-cold brewski. This unique silicone drink cooler can house just about any kind of can, keeping it nice and cold no matter where you take it.

Get it here for just $20 bucks with the coupon code SUMMERSAVE20.

19. AirSounds Pro True Wireless Earbuds (Matte Pink) – $27.96 with code SUMMERSAVE20

While they’re a great affordable alternative to the more expensive wireless earbuds out there, these little guys don’t sacrifice when it comes to quality. Providing crisp Bluetooth 5.0 audio for up to four hours on a single charge, these super comfortable, new and improved Ture Wireless earbuds are a complete must-have.

Get them here in gorgeous matte pink for under $30 bucks with the code SUMMERSAVE20.

20. ZAJIA Touchless Infrared Faucet Sensor – $34.39 with code SUMMERSAVE20

Keep your hands from touching dangerous germs and bacteria with this state-of-the-art no-touch faucet! With bottom side sensors, six adapters, and easy installation, there’s no reason not to grace your kitchen with this game-changing gadget. Plus it boasts Air Injection Technology, making it eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Get it here for under $40 bucks thanks to the coupon code SUMMERSAVE20.

Prices subject to change.

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