Democratic New York Congressman Max Rose Rips De Blasio For Continued Lockdown: ‘An Elitist Dilettante’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Democratic New York Rep. Max Rose took aim at Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for continuing to delay the city’s reopening despite lowering coronavirus numbers.

Appearing on Friday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” to react to de Blasio’s announcement that any sort of reopening won’t happen until June, Rose compared the NYC mayor’s comments to those of “an elitist dilettante” who “does not understand the struggles of small business owners.”


“You know, we can do this responsibly, but we have to have that sense of urgency,” Rose said before outlining several ways it can be done, including personal protective equipment and standards.

Pointing out the irony of shoppers being allowed to visit large retailers but not small businesses, Rose speculated that, while de Blasio is likely looking at hospitalization numbers, he isn’t paying attention to “the potential for a continued economic nuclear bomb to go off each and every week in New York City as our small businesses, our mom and pops die.”

While not advocating “for anyone to break the law or go against the mayor’s guidance,” Rose called de Blasio’s leadership “pitiful.” (RELATED: ‘China Won’: Tucker Carlson Details ‘Uncomfortable Facts’ About Coronavirus Response In 15-Minute Opening Monologue)

“And this city will be better off when he is no longer the mayor,” he continued. “This is an enormous disappointment, and our businesses are going to suffer.”