Tim Scott Blasts ‘Crickets’ From Democrats On Biden, Praises Trump’s ‘Record’ On Black Issues

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Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott blasted the “crickets” coming from Democrats about Vice President Joe Biden’s comments about black people who support President Donald Trump.

Coming on the heels of Biden declaring on Friday morning’s “The Breakfast Club” podcast that black Trump supporters “ain’t black,” then apologizing several hours later, Scott appeared on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum” to react. The South Carolina senator earlier had condemned Biden’s seeming to take the black vote for granted as “par for the course” for Democrats.


“Well I’m not gonna whitewash his arrogant, insensitive, painful comment that he made,” Scott told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum. “It tells me that he has taken the black vote for granted and he will continue to do so.”

Scott cited other times that Biden’s record on school busing and crime “has been called into question” by Democrats, but noted the “crickets” occurring now.

“It is quiet as a church mouse right now on the left, and I’m tired of hearing people put Democrats on a perch when it comes to offensive, racially offensive comments, and they hold Republicans to a very different standard,” he said.

The South Carolina senator noted several of Trump’s achievements working with the black community, such as the recently passed First Step Act, opportunity zones, and permanently funding “historically black colleges and universities for the first time in America’s history.”

“So what I’m suggesting here is I would love, love the opportunity to put record versus record because if we do that African-Americans will be voting independently, some for President Trump, some for Vice President Biden,” he said.

Scott described how Trump came to him after his Charlottesville comments and asked him to “help me help those I have offended.” (RELATED: ‘You Don’t Determine Who We Vote For’: Football Legend Herschel Walker Blasts Joe Biden Following ‘Ain’t Black’ Comment)

“So what President Trump has done is he sat down and had a conversation when there is a challenge,” said Scott. “Now I had an opportunity to sit down with him because I was outspoken about his comments. What do I hear from my friends on the left? No one in leadership is speaking out against Vice President Biden. No one is calling his comments on the carpet. You cannot make progress. President Trump made progress because he was willing to have a conversation. A painful conversation and we were able to find a path forward.”

“Whitewashing Vice President Biden’s comments only means he will consistently disrespect the black vote,” he concluded.