‘Bullhorn From The BS Bully Pulpit’: Chris Cuomo Calls Trump A ‘Demagogue’ For Church Reopening Position

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CNN host Chris Cuomo criticized President Donald Trump as a “demagogue” who is spouting “BS from the bully pulpit” on church reopenings.

Trump on Friday called on governors to allow churches to open in their states “right now,” threatening to override their orders if they refuse.

“These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united,” the president said. “The people are demanding to go to church and synagogue, go to their mosque. Many millions of Americans embrace worship as an essential part of life.”

Discussing the issue Friday night on “Cuomo Prime Time,” the CNN host pointed out that there is still risk involved, even with taking precautions.


“Is this really about making it okay?” Cuomo asked. “Being fair? Rewarding people of faith? No. It’s about division and politics.”

Cuomo suggested that the president is simply motivated by the fact that his “white Christian” base are church-goers.

“White Christians are not the majority in America, yet religion is a big factor for a huge chunk of Republican voters,” said the CNN host. “And that’s what this is about for Trump.”

“It is telling how the faithful are responding to this bullhorn from the BS bully pulpit,” he said, pointing out the Southern Baptist Convention’s support of Trump’s position as opposed to an Islamic group that opposed it. (RELATED: McEnany Suggests Reporters ‘Desperately’ Want Churches To Stay Closed)

“He knows anything I’m saying right now doesn’t mean a damn to his base,” he said. “He knows it’s all about being a demagogue.”