Tucker Carlson Blasts Media Hypocrisy Behind ‘Mask Rage’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the media hypocrisy behind the current “mask rage” trend during a Tuesday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue.


Pointing out the decades of “science and data” behind the fact that “going outside is vital to your health” and according to Carls also “makes you healthier and less vulnerable” to coronavirus, the Fox News host noted that the virus “spreads far less easy easily outdoors than it does indoors.”

“Indoors is where doctors of science and data on MSNBC claims you must remain,” said Carlson. “CNN and MSNBC are not bringing you science and data, they are peddling panic and reckless moral judgment, and it’s having an awful effect on this country.”

After displaying a chyron that read “mask rage,” Carlson played footage of a New York mob shouting and chasing a woman out of a store for not wearing a mask.

“You hate to see Americans treating each other like that,” he said. “But multiply what you just saw by an entire country you get a sense of what the relentless flow of lies has done to people’s minds.”

The “most miserable group” of Americans suffering from “anxiety and depression” are those under 30, although they ironically “face virtually no risk of dying from this virus.” (RELATED: ‘China Won’: Tucker Carlson Details ‘Uncomfortable Facts’ About Coronavirus Response In 15-Minute Opening Monologue)

“The people on television have lied to them and it’s wrecking their lives,” said the Daily Caller co-founder before pointing out that the television anchors themselves, including CNN’s Chris Cuomo, “are just fine.”

Carlson ended the segment by pointing out a Memorial Day MSNBC broadcast where a bystander pointed out the fact that the network’s own cameraman wasn’t wearing a mask, during a segment berating the public for not wearing masks.

“They are frauds,” he concluded. “Remember that the next time they tell you you’re immoral.”