Christian Cooper Wants Death Threats Against Woman Who Called Cops On Him For No Reason To Stop

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Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Chrisitan Cooper said Wednesday that he wants death threats to Amy Cooper to stop after she apologized for her actions Tuesday.

Christian Cooper said that he acknowledged the apology from the woman (in which he has no relation) in an interview with CNN, but did not excuse her racist actions.

“I think her apology is sincere,” said Chrisitan Cooper to CNN. “I’m not sure that in that apology she recognizes that while she may not be or consider herself a racist, that particular act was definitely racist.” (RELATED: ‘There’s An African-American Man Threatening My Life’: Woman Calls NYPD After Being Asked To Leash Her Dog, Later Apologizes)

Amy and Cooper encountered each other Monday morning in New York’s Central Park while Amy was walking her dog. Christian told Amy that she had to leash her dog while in the park. Amy claimed that she was allowed to unleash her dog in the park because “the dog runs are closed,”  according to Christian. Christian offered a treat to the dog, who was immediately pulled away by Amy. Amy then said she was going to call the police on Christian because he was “threatening her and her dog.”

Christian Cooper said to CNN that he never expected the video to be as popular as it was and said that it “snowballed quite significantly.” He also said he recognizes that Amy Cooper has probably received messages calling for her death. 

“I am told there has been death threats and that is wholly inappropriate and abhorrent and should stop immediately,” Christian Cooper said to CNN. “She tried to bring death by cop down on my head, would then turn around and try to put death threats on her head. Where is the logic in that?”

Amy Cooper was removed from her position following her employer Franklin Templeton’s investigation into the incident. The New York City Commission on Human Rights also announced Wednesday that it is investigating the incident. 

Amy Cooper apologized Tuesday and said, “I’m not a racist. I did not mean to harm that man in any way.”