Man Released After Two Prior Assaults Charged For Vicious NYC Rape

(Photo by JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images)

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Frankie Harris was charged with attacking a 64-year-old woman on May 18. The attack left the woman in a vegetative state and she is not expected to recover.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that Harris a 38-year-old Brooklyn resident “had been charged in two prior assaults this year – but was twice freed without bail.”

Harris is most recently accused of placing a 64-year-old woman in a three minute chokehold before forcing her to the ground and raping her in Harlem, the New York Post reported. The woman was placed on life support equipment and is “expected to die within days,” Manhattan ADA Justin McNabney said at the arraignment of Harris, the New York Post reported.

Harris was first arrested on Feb. 6 for “slapping a woman’s buttocks,” and “less than two weeks later cops nabbed Harris in Brooklyn after he allegedly violently attacked several strangers on the L train platforms at the Jefferson Street and Morgan Avenue stations,” the New York Post reported. In the second instance, Harris is accused of spitting on and hitting a mother while threatening to kill her in front of her kids, 5 and 3. In the same instance, Harris “slugged a man in the face and spit on a second man, as he barked, “Puerto Rican f——t,” the New York Post reported.

Both arrests resulted in Harris released from custody, without bail, and ordered him to participate in a supervised release program. “A spokesman for the Brooklyn DA’s office said none of the charges qualify for bail under the new bail reform laws,” the New York Post reported.

Harris missed both scheduled appearances in Manhattan and Brooklyn courts leading to bench warrants issued for his arrest. However, Harris had already been arrested for the “May 18 rape and attempted murder at E. 111th St. near Second Ave., which was captured on surveillance video,” per the New York Post. (RELATED: Alleged Anti-Semitic Arsonist Released With No Bail In New York)